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Our signature doll, Clara-Marie from The Nutcracker Collection, is a dream come true!

Whether you're a young ballerina, a ballet enthusiast, or a doll collector, you'll fall in love with Clara-Marie.

The leading lady from Mark Erickson's unique version of The Nutcracker comes to life in this fully-articulated poseable 21" doll. She has a fair complexion, long, wavy auburn hair with bangs, and big blue eyes. Her face is lightly made-up, reflecting the character's youth. Since Clara-Marie is seventeen years old in the ballet, she has a young woman's figure. 

Clara-Marie is dressed for a Christmas Eve dream in her lavender nightgown, which is decorated with white lace. It has long white lace sleeves and a three-tiered chiffon skirt, which reaches below her knees. Her hair is decorated with a faux pearl barrette and lavender satin ribbons, matching those on her dress. White cotton panties keep her modest while dancing. Her pink satin Ballet Boots, which lace up in the front, combine the ballet aesthetic of pointe shoes with the warmth and durability of Victorian boots. 

Clara-Marie comes with her own beloved toy nutcracker! This wooden nutcracker is five inches tall. The color of his coat may vary from the picture.

Like all our dolls, Clara-Marie is crafted for beauty today and durability tomorrow.

Her skin looks like fine porcelain, but it is actually vinyl, which won't chip from normal play patterns.

Her hair is long, silky, and easily styleable. The wig is attached to her head with Velcro, so you can conveniently give Clara-Marie a new look by attaching a different wig.

Her fully articulated, hard plastic body makes her more than just a toy. Her intricately formed joints mimic the human body's design, so she moves and poses just like a real ballet dancer. 

Her costume has a Velcro closure at the back, so she can be easily undressed. The costumes for all full-sized MBDs are interchangeable, so you can collect more ballet costumes for your doll. Clara-Marie will also fit in clothes made for 21" Ball Jointed Dolls.

Save with the Set

For only $10 extra, the Clara-Marie doll comes with a gift: a copy of Clara-Marie and The Nutcracker, the accompanying story book by Beverly Stephenson. This 50-page, hardbound book brings the unique Nutcracker tale behind the dolls to life. The story is based on the original plot of The Nutcracker by E. T. A. Hoffman, adding original story ideas from Mark Erickson's version of the ballet. The book is vividly illustrated by Lisa Owen-Lynch. Purchasing the set will give you the book at half-price and give you free shipping anywhere in the United States! You can also buy the book separately here. 

Collectors love My Ballerina Dolls, but Clara-Marie wasn't made exclusively for a display case. All our dolls are sturdy enough to be lovingly played with by children of all ages.

When you buy the Clara-Marie doll, you are receiving the high-quality features we guarantee with all our dolls:

  • 1/3 scale dolls.

  • 100% vinyl/hard plastic bodies.

  • 18 points of articulation, including double-jointed elbows and knees,¬†a chest and waist joint, articulated wrists and ankles, thigh and arm swivels, and a neck pivot.

  • Removable wigs with synthetic hair, attached with Velcro.¬†

  • Stationary inset eyes.

  • Made-up, molded faces, featuring painted eyebrows and lashes, closed mouths, and raised, painted lips.

  • Molded hands in the correct ballet position.

  • Deluxe polyester costumes and headpieces, which may feature tulle and plastic sequins as decorations.

Bring the magic of The Nutcracker into your life today with this doll or doll and book set, the perfect gift for someone you love, including yourself! 

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